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Project Portfolio |  Grand Rapids Commerce Center


Project: Grand Rapids Commerce Center
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Square Footage: 4,600,000 Sq. Ft.

Project Highlights:

  • The Grand Rapids Commerce Center is a re-development of the former Steelcase campus. The project entailed a significant infrastructure redevelopment.  Comprised of 4.6 million square feet, the buildings were disconnected from campus-wide systems and received individual building systems.  
  • In total, ten (10) buildings were separated, re-connected or otherwise reconfigured including   planning, permitting, and reconstruction of underground water main systems.
  • Work consisted of building demolition, reconfiguration of the high pressure water main fire protection system, re-supply of high voltage electrical, gas, domestic water, and telecommunication utilities.  It also included the removal of the obsolete campus wide steam heating system.
  • In three (3) buildings, obsolete piping, lighting, and manufacturing equipment were removed.  New lighting was installed, miscellaneous repairs completed and new painting applied leaving a clean, ready for occupancy look.  
  • Because the campus was dependent upon the steam heat system, new heating equipment had to be installed in each individual building.  A combination of new boilers, gas fired make up air units, and infrared tube heaters were installed in eight (8) buildings.
  • Work also included assisting in development of  brownfield plan, application for brownfield entitlements and remediation.
  • Pre-construction services which included site investigation, planning, estimating and city approvals which exceeded (12) months in duration.
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