Project Spotlight

Tri-County Commerce Center Three Warehouse Multi-Tenant Campus


Hazel Park, MI

Project Type

New Construction

Project Size

2,136,000 Sq. Ft.

Oliver / Hatcher Construction is currently completing the construction of the third industrial warehouse located at Tri-County Commerce Center totaling more than 2,103,000 SF for tenants such as Amazon and LG Electronics.

The property was most recently a large 130-acre parcel dedicated to harnessing and thoroughbred horse racing. Prior to the race track which began operations in 1949, this large site was an industrial landfill. Where possible, the buildings and barns were dismantled in a manner that preserved much of the recyclable construction materials. A total of 1,800 tons of steel, 26,000 tons of concrete/hard fill, as well as barn wood measuring in the tens of thousands of board feet were dismantled, sorted, stacked and bundled on-site for recycling and reuse.

Due to the pre-existing brownfield conditions, the project team was tasked with implementing site remediation, soil stabilization, hazardous waste, and asbestos removal were implemented to manage the conditions associated with its prior land use. More than 32,000 Rammed Aggregate Pier (RAPs) were installed underground to stabilize the land and build a strong foundation for the site.

The large-scale buildings were constructed quickly and efficiently using pre-cast concrete walls. The pre-cast walls are set on embedded steel plates cast into concrete foundations. Each panel is supported by steel braces until secured in place. Once the steel joist and deck are set in position and the roof membrane is secured, moment connections can then be welded into the final loaded position.