Project Spotlight

Durr Industries, Addition

Market Segments


Farmington Hills, MI

Project Type


Project Size

52,000 Sq. Ft.

This manufacturing project had many unique features including the installation of a super flat floor (excess of FF-90). Oliver/Hatcher provide a creative solution that reduced by 94% the cost for leveling products for testing.

The new addition features two crane bays where the plant’s automated industrial parts washing machines weighing up to 40 tons each, are positioned and tested. Prior to having the super flat floor, Durr Automation had to use laser transit leveling and shims to level the 40’ x 15’ x 20’ machines before they could be tested. With the new super flat floor, the machines are set down by the cranes and are level without shimming.

The building’s 40 ft height was designed to accommodate a 30 ft hook height for the cranes, in 70-foot spans. Columns and other structural steel were specified for the extreme loads of moving the 40-ton washing machines.