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Construction Services


Management of Trades 

Oliver/Hatcher management of trade contractor ensures timely completion and quality work for our clients.

Project Schedule

Oliver/Hatcher Construction will manage the overall project schedule to ensure that all contract milestones will be met or exceeded.

Cost Control

We will monitor the cost throughout the duration of the project.  All costs will be tracked and monthly projections will be completed, analyzing budgeted costs against committed costs with a forecast of Total Cost at Completion.

Project Reporting

On-going communication and progress reports keep team members updated.

Project Close Out

A detailed close-out process that includes systems training and all necessary documentation providing a seamless transition from construction through occupancy.

One (1) Year Follow-Up

On every construction project, Oliver / Hatcher visits our Owner’s a year after completion of their project to ensure everything is in proper working order and address any warranty issues.

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