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Project Portfolio |  MTU Detroit Diesel


Project: MTU Detroit Diesel
Location: Brownstown Township, Michigan
Square Footage: 400,000 Sq. Ft.

Project Highlights:

  • Removal and replacement all infrastructure systems including structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical components.
  • Completion of the interior infrastructure of the 400,000 square foot MTU Detroit Diesel facility in Brownstown Township, Michigan.
  • Replaced over (600) 1000W high bay lights fixtures with new state of the art induction lights
  • Constructed interior masonry partitions
  • Installation of new 40 hp air compressor and completed the runs of new process air and power lines to workstations, lift tables and conveyors through cable tray and wire mold to achieve a clean look
  • Erected one (1) 250’ long 5 ton crane and one (1) 250’ long 1 ton crane within the same building bays
  • Erected one (1) 50’ long 1 ton crane within the Quality Area
  • Removed portions of existing slab on grade and poured three (3) foundations for new jib cranes
  • Erected three (3) 1 ton jib cranes
  • Installed two (2) new 8,000 lb dock levelers
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