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Safety and Quality

iStock_000014661782Small.jpgOliver/Hatcher's safety program is the result of thorough planning, constant vigilance and consistent enforcement. Safety is Topic Number One on every Oliver/Hatcher project site.  Our entire team is committed to doing everything within our power to ensure that every individual at our job sites are safe at all times.  

Our dedication to safety is evident through our historically low Experience Modification Rate (EMR).  This low EMR is a direct result of fewer safety issues and an overall commitment to safety by our entire organization.

Delivering a safe project starts long before the first worker sets foot on the site. We evaluate every project we build and develop project-specific safety programs to exceed applicable provisions of federal, state and other applicable laws and building codes. Every superintendent is 30-hour OSHA certified and conducts daily safety inspections to monitor all workers. These efforts are supplemented by regularly scheduled safety audits from experienced safety professionals.


Oliver/Hatcher Construction is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company putting our firm in a select group of contractors nationwide to have achieved this distinguished certification. This ISO quality system is used throughout our company to provide you the highest quality construction services available.

In order to meet the business objectives of providing the highest quality design and construction services, we have implemented the following quality objectives:

  • A Quality Assurance system based on ISO 9001:2008 standards is in use and will be utilized.
  • Standard measures of performance are employed to monitor productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Optimum use will be made of feedback from our customers and subcontractors to monitor their view of our services and to define improvements.
  • Optimum use will be made of employee training initiatives to improve our company.

We have published our quality policy statement and strive to ensure that the importance of this statement is discussed during routine training sessions and / or during new employee orientations. All employees are required to know and understand OHC’s quality policy statement:

The objectives of our quality policy statement are accomplished through employee awareness, involvement and standardization in association with measurement and assessment of the company’s goals and compliance with established quality system documentation.

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